Market Mapping and Longlisting

Strategies for Comprehensive Market Analysis and Initial Candidate Evaluation With Talent Suppy 

What is Market Mapping and Longlisting?

Market mapping and longlisting are crucial steps in the talent acquisition process that allow organisations to identify and evaluate potential candidates for a role. Market mapping involves analysing the target market and identifying key players, while longlisting is the process of screening and identifying a pool of candidates who possess the desired skills and experience for a particular role. Talent Supply is a leading provider of market mapping and longlisting services in Australia and New Zealand, helping organisations to optimise their recruitment processes and secure the best talent available in the market.

At Talent Supply, we understand the importance of market mapping and longlisting in the recruitment process. By conducting comprehensive market research and analysis, we help clients to define the boundaries of the target market and identify the key players within it. Our market mapping process involves utilising technology tools and advanced data analytics to efficiently and accurately gather information on potential candidates and their skill sets, ensuring that our clients have a complete understanding of the talent landscape in their industry.

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Defining Market Boundaries and Identifying Key Players

Talent Supply's market mapping and longlisting services begin by defining the market boundaries and identifying the key players, allowing for a clear and targeted approach to talent acquisition.

Utilising Technology Tools for Efficient Market Mapping

Talent Supply employs advanced technology tools such as machine learning and data analytics to provide clients with an efficient and comprehensive market mapping, saving time and resources in the recruitment process.

Gathering Relevant Data for Informed Longlisting Decisions

With Talent Supply's market mapping and longlisting services, clients can rely on a thorough and accurate collection of relevant data that facilitates informed decision-making and longlisting.

Establishing Evaluation Criteria for Effective Candidate Screening

By working closely with clients to establish evaluation criteria, Talent Supply ensures that the candidate screening process is aligned with the client's needs and results in effective longlisting of suitable candidates.

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