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Welcome to Talent Supply, the leading recruitment agency operating in Sydney, Newcastle, and Auckland, offering job opportunities across Australia and New Zealand. Whether you’re a job seeker looking to make a career change or an employer seeking the perfect candidate, Talent Supply is here to help.

About Talent Supply

Talent Supply is an independent recruitment agency specializing in supplying and placing skilled talent in Australia’s equipment hire, construction, engineering, and manufacturing markets. Partnering with small and medium enterprises, Talent Supply provides cost-effective staffing solutions with a consultative and independent approach. Their values include a focus on customer experience, urgency, and delivering results. They pride themselves on building strong relationships with their clients and candidates, helping them succeed in their careers and businesses

Services Offered by Talent Supply


At the heart of Talent Supply’s offerings is their professional recruitment services. They specialize in supplying and placing skilled talent in a variety of markets. With a consultative and independent approach, they partner with small and medium enterprises to provide cost-effective staffing solutions. Their team of experts uses their knowledge and experience to match the perfect candidate to the right job, delivering results and providing an excellent customer experience

CV & Resume Writing

In today’s competitive job market, a standout resume is essential for success. Talent Supply understands the importance of a well-crafted CV or resume. Their expert team of writers will work with you to create a personalized document that showcases your unique skills and experience. From highlighting your achievements to tailoring your resume to specific job postings, Talent Supply will ensure that your document stands out and makes an impact

Salary Benchmarks and Surveys

Talent Supply offers valuable services to both employers and job seekers by providing salary benchmarks and surveys. This service ensures that compensation packages are competitive and attractive to top talent. Talent Supply’s salary benchmarks and surveys provide a clear picture of market trends, enabling clients to make strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition

Managing Advertising Campaigns

As part of their comprehensive recruitment services, Talent Supply offers to manage advertising campaigns to help businesses reach a wider pool of qualified candidates. By outsourcing their advertising campaigns to Talent Supply, businesses can focus on their core operations while benefiting from the expertise and experience


In conclusion, Talent Supply is a trusted recruitment agency that excels in supplying skilled talent and providing cost-effective staffing solutions to Australia’s equipment hire, construction, engineering, and manufacturing markets. With a strong emphasis on customer experience, urgency, and delivering results, they have built a reputation for their consultative and independent approach.

Overall, Talent Supply’s comprehensive range of services and their commitment to building strong relationships with clients and candidates make them a reliable partner in the recruitment industry. Whether it’s sourcing skilled talent, crafting compelling resumes, providing salary insights, or managing advertising campaigns, Talent Supply consistently delivers exceptional results, ensuring the success of both individuals and businesses alike.

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